Let’s be real – unfortunately, chefs don’t always come across as the polished, professional type, and that’s ok! Spattered, tattered, and covered in sweat, #ChefLife isn’t for the faint of heart. But as unrealistic as keeping a clean apron (and language) may be, if you’re on the hunt for a sweet new job, keeping your online presence professional is a must. To quote the great Yoda, “Do or do not. There is no try.”


Social Media

Your current and future employers WILL Google you. They’re probably going to scope out your social media profiles too… So, if you don’t want them seeing that video and pictures from last weekend’s “festivities,” after you asked your homie to hold your beverage… or finding the post where you tell everyone how you REALLY feel about current politics… Make like Mr. Clean, and clean that shizzle up. BONUS POINTS if you add some awesome photos of your food to your profiles (Passion + Professionalism = Rock-Star).


Online Images

If you’re proudly displaying images of the food you’ve poured your heart and soul into (as you should be, Chef), make sure they are crisper than a head of iceberg. Romaine calm – this is easy to do (couldn’t resist ;)). An awesome high resolution camera will get the job done, and most smartphones these days can also make it happen. Good lighting is a bright idea as well.



In the unlikely event you send an email to a prospective employer and the image associated with your email account is you in your bathrobe making a duck face, please BE ADVISED – they will not take you as seriously as you’d like them to.


Make sure your email account has a high quality photo of you in your (clean) chef coat, or at least looking professional. And if you’re wearing ONLY your chef coat, PLEASE make sure the crop is above the waist – just sayin’… Don’t forget to check your other social media profile images as well.


Last, but sure as heck not least, while balls2thewalls@yourdomainofchoice.com and hot_sh1t@anotherdomainofchoice.com are confident email addresses, they don’t exactly SCREAM polished professional… Before emailing prospective employers, consider creating an email address containing your first and last name, or rock some culinary terms to inspire a professional looking email address.



Let’s keep this simple – tell the truth, use good formatting, and show off your strengths. See Chef Jake’s Rockstar Resume Tips for more great info about culinary resumes.  


Extra Credit – A Professional Website

If you want to really stand out, and if you have a little bit of technical ability, head over to wix.com or another free resource where you can create your own professional site. Include your resume (don’t forget to add your new domain name to your resume!) and some great food pictures – BONUS POINTS if you start a blog!


Think Vegas – what happens on the internet, stays on the internet. Rock these few tips, and you’ll be putting the pro in professional faster than it takes to flash fry brussel sprouts. Pursue your dream job confidently!